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We are manufacturers of wooden propellers, which are intended as accessories for plastic models of aircraft WWI.

We produce propellers for aircraft models in 1/32.

Wooden propellers are manufactured using traditional materials and production methods.
Hand glued and machined layer, staining, varnishing the finished product to match as closely as possible the original wooden propeller used on aircraft in the First World War.

Bonded layers differ in color and texture according to the actual pattern. The propellers are made of dark and light layers of wood using the same methods for all types of propellers. For each type of wood propellers using different materials, so that ultimately coincide as close as possible to the actual pattern.

In the category of samples you can look for some types of manufactured propellers.

We will be glad if our products become part of your models and we will be honored to place the photos of your models on our Facebook page.

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